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Including Anthony Edwards' slam Friday, some of the BEST DUNKS from #NBARooks over the LAST 5 SEASONS!
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M & A DIXON 2 soat oldin
Bro I better see Zach LaVine in here he be floatin
Jonathan Isaiah
Jonathan Isaiah 5 soat oldin
Anthony Edwards on that built different juice
SC 20
SC 20 8 soat oldin
Bruh #95 fucked Yuta over in that Edwards clip lmao
Timothy Thomas
Timothy Thomas 11 soat oldin
Ben Simmons is a light skin version of scottie pippen
Ninja Kid
Ninja Kid 11 soat oldin
The lacking father-in-law significantly boast because clave alarmingly tap barring a squalid morning. melted, bloody eye
Bill Dim
Bill Dim 17 soat oldin
4:17 i ve heard that a couple times
BTW_TEDDY :D Kun oldin
I think that rookies are taking over the NBA
gregory munits
gregory munits Kun oldin
can we see one kendrick nunn dunk
Cal Tube T.V
Cal Tube T.V Kun oldin
Miles bridges is the most dangerous dunker I've every witnessed .. YIKES 😱
Lynn S
Lynn S 2 kun oldin
The abject nose repressingly screw because bathroom intradurally cover below a deserted club. direful, stupendous activity
Tianda Stewart
Tianda Stewart 2 kun oldin
That dunk from Anthony Edwards never get old
TheSnackThatSmilesBack 3 kun oldin
Imagine how crazy it would be to play with these guys in high school gym class😂
DaddyFlapJaxx 3 kun oldin
damn! they played snoop Dogg's "murder was the case that they gave me" when Edwards dunked 😂😂😂
2Kmobilegamer01 3 kun oldin
Is it just me or does edwards have MJs elevation
AJ101z 4 kun oldin
21:21 bruh this man just said windmill on a tomahawk
BLM 146
BLM 146 5 kun oldin
damn jordan clarkson has some big ass ears
Jonathan Peterson
Jonathan Peterson 5 kun oldin
Ja morant fears no man
Flyrish Homie
Flyrish Homie 5 kun oldin
6:47 he just woke me up 😂💪🔥🔥
Choi Lang
Choi Lang 6 kun oldin
Edit the Caption Simmons vs Tatum
Paz Manian
Paz Manian 7 kun oldin
ant outtabounds
GloRioUsKIng 7 kun oldin
R. I. P Yuta Watanabe. You will be remembered.
Just a Stormtrooper
Just a Stormtrooper Kun oldin
Yeah for getting boomed on 😂
Nico Mannion
Nico Mannion 8 kun oldin
they miss huerter’s dunks, Knox’s poster on simmons, luka’s poster on millsap and JJJ’s dunks and other great rookies
Dhankris Peruda
Dhankris Peruda 8 kun oldin
"1:55" Yea i've been getting paid with 𝗣𝗣𝗢𝗡𝗟𝗖𝗔𝗦𝗛.𝗖 𝗢 𝗠 i'm making over $2839 a week with them! ਹਰ ਜੰਤਰ ਤੇ ਉਪਲਬਧ ਹੈ
FJ Ejes
FJ Ejes 9 kun oldin
Did you notice the score in the first dunk take a closer look
Boooka 9 kun oldin
they made this vid for edwards
AJ101z 9 kun oldin
Damm Edwards dunked so hard the NBA released 2 new dunk tapes
M1kes 10 kun oldin
13:26 ref was in the way off the camera guys shot🤣😂🤣
Jonte Collier
Jonte Collier 10 kun oldin
anthony edwards inspired this video
Jaden Mahadeo
Jaden Mahadeo 11 kun oldin
Where Kendrick nunn at
Joseph P
Joseph P 11 kun oldin
Im surprised i didnt see more Zion
Joseph P
Joseph P 11 kun oldin
@JC Collier true true, its all about the nets right now with the super 3 and d rose
JC Collier
JC Collier 11 kun oldin
He just doesn't get up like that anymore. That's why the hype died down. He's very good, but mega boring to watch.
Alex Caruso
Alex Caruso 11 kun oldin
Ben Simmons as a Rookie every year 😂
Just a Stormtrooper
Just a Stormtrooper Kun oldin
He's gonna win ROTY again 😂
Basketball Channel
Basketball Channel 11 kun oldin
BEN Simmons is the 2 time Rookie of the Year.
Ert gaozhen
Ert gaozhen 11 kun oldin
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Laura Márquez
Laura Márquez 11 kun oldin
“Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💝
Woopzer 11 kun oldin
Dale Dolan-Zalaznick
Dale Dolan-Zalaznick 11 kun oldin
Anthony edwards with the dunk that launched a thousand dunk videos
Jeremiah Alexander
Jeremiah Alexander 11 kun oldin
Just got done doing some leg exercises im dunking this summer fuckk all the BS im embarrassing niggas this year
Tudor Georgescu
Tudor Georgescu 11 kun oldin
Morant was shouting at the ball
Dreamcast2000 11 kun oldin
Anthony edwards reminded me of young t Mac with that 1
Blaster Echoes
Blaster Echoes 6 kun oldin
yeah that raptors tmac poster dunk and falling sitting on the man
Xavier Beal
Xavier Beal 11 kun oldin
Joe’s garage
Joe’s garage 11 kun oldin
Tatum is not a rookie
TennisEd 11 kun oldin
I think Tatum should finally get ROY this season, he earned it...
One Arsenal
One Arsenal 11 kun oldin
00:44 morant dunks on #46. #46 runs out of the picture as fast as possible. It’s too late buddy.
AZURE 10 kun oldin
Lidia Samuel
Lidia Samuel 11 kun oldin
Anthony Edwards have way to mutch muscles
King Virus
King Virus 11 kun oldin
Edwards has prolly the most appearances on this vid and his rookie season ain’t even close to over😭😭😭
Magicmon 11 kun oldin
the first 10 minutes of this is literally just ben simmons dunks with some other people
malik beale
malik beale 11 kun oldin
How you going to start the video like that
David Walters
David Walters 11 kun oldin
Am I the whole 1 that watched the whole thing
Kevin Sellers
Kevin Sellers 11 kun oldin
Minutes Played: Jokic - 1006(ranked 8), Lebron - 1039(ranked 5) Player Efficiency Rating: Jokic - 31.4(ranked 1), Lebron - 24.4(ranked 14) True Shooting%: Jokic - .656(ranked 11), Lebron - .601(ranked 64) Offensive Rebound%: Jokic - 9.3(ranked 22), Lebron - 1.9(ranked 148) Deffensive Rebound%: Jokic - 25.9(ranked 15), Lebron - 23.9(ranked 23) Total Rebound%: Jokic - 17.5(ranked 17), Lebron - 13.2(ranked 38) Assist%: Jokic - 40.6(ranked 6), Lebron - 38.7(ranked 8) Steals%: Jokic - 2.2(ranked 20), Lebron - 1.4(ranked 103) Block%: Jokic - 1.7(ranked 71), Lebron - 1.2(ranked 107) Turnover%: Jokic - 14.1(ranked 142), Lebron - 14.7(ranked 156) Usage%: Jokic - 29.4(ranked 22), Lebron - 31.7(ranked 8) Offensive Win Shares: Jokic - 4.9(ranked 1), Lebron - 2.4(ranked 13) Defensive Win Shares: Jokic - 1.4(ranked 9), Lebron - 1.9(ranked 2) Total Win Shares: Jokic - 6.3(ranked 1), Lebron - 4.3(ranked 5) Win Shares/48: Jokic - .300(ranked 1), Lebron - 1.99(ranked 17) Offensive Box +/-: Jokic - 9.1(ranked 1), Lebron - 5.9(ranked 8) Defensive Box +/-: Jokic - 2.3(ranked 4), Lebron - 1.3(ranked 19) Total Box +/-: Jokic - 11.4(ranked 1), Lebron - 7.3(ranked 5) VORP: Jokic - 3.4(ranked 1), Lebron - 2.4(ranked 4) Total PPG: Jokic - 27.4(ranked 8), Lebron - 25.9(ranked 12) Total APG: Jokic - 8.6(ranked 5), Lebron - 7.9(ranked 9) Total RPG: Jokic - 11.1(ranked 8), Lebron - 8.2(ranked 23) Total SPG: Jokic - 1.6(ranked 9), Lebron - 1.0(ranked 66) Total BPG: Jokic - 0.6(ranked 71), Lebron - 0.5(ranked 93) Total TOPG: Jokic - 3.4(ranked 264), Lebron - 3.7(ranked 270) Double Doubles: Jokic - 25(ranked 1), Lebron - 13(ranked 16) Triple Doubles: Jokic - 6(ranked 3), Lebron - 3(ranked 6) FG%: Jokic - 57.0(ranked 13), Lebron - 50.8(ranked 35) 3pt%: Jokic - 40.2(ranked 52), Lebron - 37.2(ranked 104) FT%: Jokic - 87.1(ranked 27), Lebron - 70.4(ranked 101) I want someone to tell me why Lebron is in the MVP Convo and Jokic is not!!! Jokic is Hands down DOMINATING the NBA right NOW!
CHACHU 101 11 kun oldin
When a rookie creates a video for the NBA #A1FROMDAY1
SP 29
SP 29 11 kun oldin
Got bored and end up watching VC's rookie dunks
diairius walker
diairius walker 11 kun oldin
Not to ignore they made videos cause Edwards
Aaron Nemsith
Aaron Nemsith 11 kun oldin
JB better be on this reel
Bodie Potter
Bodie Potter 11 kun oldin
Edwards needs to be Prosecuted for committing murder. 😂
Woopzer 11 kun oldin
Baby Boy
Baby Boy 11 kun oldin
Vince Carter jr. Yes Sirr
Sports XD
Sports XD 11 kun oldin
Best sports to watch out.
Nazoo Alam
Nazoo Alam 11 kun oldin
The best dunk was ja and Anthony Edward
Fizzy Frathouse
Fizzy Frathouse 11 kun oldin
Ben Simmons appreciation? You love to see it
Just a Stormtrooper
Just a Stormtrooper Kun oldin
Mylene Abubakar
Mylene Abubakar 11 kun oldin
No way Edwards haha poster dunk
qingjian wei
qingjian wei 11 kun oldin
Edwards dunk so NASTY~
Thatnbakid 88
Thatnbakid 88 11 kun oldin
Nobody finna talk about when jayson tatum dunked on lebron james
Braeden Steele
Braeden Steele 8 kun oldin
@TheMrBig8 if its on lebron its already great. tatum got full body though.
TheMrBig8 8 kun oldin
@Braeden Steele uzpost.info/vision/video/pZ-Dzrx8eaOLm3U.html
TheMrBig8 8 kun oldin
@Braeden Steele check Ramon sessions dunk on Lebron from Lebrons Miami days. Tell me what u think? Prob not as good as Tatums as it wasn’t body to body but it’s a nice poster
Braeden Steele
Braeden Steele 8 kun oldin
@TheMrBig8 Those are cool too.
TheMrBig8 8 kun oldin
@Braeden Steele yeah I guess I see that tbf. Defo an impressive dunk. Especially for a rookie. I guess I just prefer guards dunking on big men ygm? Going up amongst the trees
Thatnbakid 88
Thatnbakid 88 11 kun oldin
The rookies and zion and ja not playing 🔥 .
Andrew Coffey
Andrew Coffey 11 kun oldin
John. Collins...???
Ricardo Nefasto
Ricardo Nefasto 11 kun oldin
Dunk of the decade for Edwards
Evan Brandi
Evan Brandi 11 kun oldin
When lemelo did a basic dunk the commentators had a stroke while they didn’t care when others did a insanely good dunk
Scooter 11 kun oldin
They’re local broadcasters, they’re bias for the team they call for 🤦🏽‍♂️ everyone’s like that
Slime G.O.A.T
Slime G.O.A.T 11 kun oldin
The commentators for the hornets aren’t commentators for other teams wym ?😂
miltonm94 11 kun oldin
Who the hell is at 15:15 Jesus
Shawn Breezo
Shawn Breezo 11 kun oldin
0:09 😂buddy on the bench jus walked off
EyeCinematics IC
EyeCinematics IC 11 kun oldin
edward narvaez
edward narvaez 11 kun oldin
This was a Ben Simmons highlights
Michael Pierce
Michael Pierce 11 kun oldin
Damn not a single Luka dunk from his rookie season, and he had some good ones. Clutch ones.
A L 10 kun oldin
@Samuel Mann Man's really said 'over raited'
Michael Pierce
Michael Pierce 11 kun oldin
@Samuel Mann lol ok 😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Samuel Mann
Samuel Mann 11 kun oldin
lucka bro he aint shit his game is a old mans game he sooooooo over raited
raofficial gaming
raofficial gaming 11 kun oldin
For knick fans 🔶️🔷️: 13:28 Mitch 14:18 Mitch 20:15 Obi 22:20 Obi although they forgot to put Knox dunking on ben simmons
Sergio Beltrán Cubillos
Sergio Beltrán Cubillos 11 kun oldin
Juventud... divino tesoro!
Cass 11 kun oldin
Look what Anthony edwards started
Luka Donkey
Luka Donkey 11 kun oldin
Is Edwards another Wiggins? 😯 HOPE NOT!!!
yoo ooo
yoo ooo 11 kun oldin
watanabe, welcome to nba
Freshprinceeggtv 11 kun oldin
Shit I thought zion first dunk on the hawks was epic but young Ed omg
Juan-Carlos Gomez
Juan-Carlos Gomez 11 kun oldin
Barack Obama
Barack Obama 11 kun oldin
2:24 Me: “HUM DIDDLY DE-.....awww”😢🤣🤣
Shuayb Khan
Shuayb Khan 9 kun oldin
Pablo López
Pablo López 11 kun oldin
You like the NBA? 👇🏼
Gus Fochtmann
Gus Fochtmann 11 kun oldin
21:16 mans just said windmill...🥱
Raphael Sarracini
Raphael Sarracini 11 kun oldin
Anthony Edwards automatically dunk of the year!!!
Woopzer 11 kun oldin
conner wilcox
conner wilcox 11 kun oldin
They will look back at this draft in a few years time and regret calling it weak
Cxi Sxeng
Cxi Sxeng 11 kun oldin
why did a Anthony Edward dunk score 4 points? 🤔Someone help?
JM3 morales
JM3 morales 11 kun oldin
Edwards head was higher than the rim 😳
Wild K
Wild K 11 kun oldin
It was only higher cause he got pushed up a little from the contact. But damn that’s freakish because of how much muscles he has and how long his arms are.
rojinweak 11 kun oldin
24:08 for Kobe!
Addition Gaming
Addition Gaming 11 kun oldin
Bro come it’s literal numbers that happen ever 25 minute video
Don't Ask
Don't Ask 11 kun oldin
Why bro
elim Belaong
elim Belaong 11 kun oldin
6:36 ben overreacted
elim Belaong
elim Belaong 11 kun oldin
6:30 ben overreacted
Sprinnt. 11 kun oldin
idk but what is melo doing in there
Brandon Fletcher
Brandon Fletcher 11 kun oldin
4:06 my personal favorite
ジェイソンタムタム 11 kun oldin
kun gumi
kun gumi 11 kun oldin
RIP yuta.......
Ranjit Purohit
Ranjit Purohit 11 kun oldin
Edwards dunk so good they gave him 4 points
I.C.E GANG 11 kun oldin
Where is Lonzo i know he got some dunks too I’m disappointed that he not in there🤦🏽‍♂️😂😭
MK G 7 kun oldin
He was towards the beginning
Woopzer 11 kun oldin
MFFDAVE 11 kun oldin
I made a Valentine's day song 💕 uzpost.info/vision/video/bLGvl9CKqICSrJc.html
Daryll Sicat
Daryll Sicat 11 kun oldin
jason tatum is not rookie anymore his a star
Hoop Juice
Hoop Juice 11 kun oldin
Edwards may have had the greatest dunk in NBA history. I’m dead serious
@Caleb Ellis hello uzpost.info/vision/video/a8WBpqqmdoavZ30.html
Caleb Ellis
Caleb Ellis 11 kun oldin
May be up there...
Abdiaziz Aden
Abdiaziz Aden 11 kun oldin
Edward is ban from entering Japan
kakehata jp
kakehata jp 11 kun oldin
は?禁止してませんけど、勝手に決めつけんなよ😅 チームが負けたからって八つ当たりすんなよ笑笑😂
Lil Pupeep
Lil Pupeep 11 kun oldin
Rough day for jeremy lin
Vincemoke Reiju
Vincemoke Reiju 11 kun oldin
Where's trae young? Oh wait...
youngblood 11 kun oldin
why you so toxic
神秘人物 11 kun oldin
神秘人物 11 kun oldin
Daddy Balls
Daddy Balls 11 kun oldin
They posted this bc Anthony edwards has one of the best posters of all time. He’s only 19🤣
Arrant567bucther 3 kun oldin
@Joe Jeffy stfu bicth
Woopzer 11 kun oldin
Aditya Prakash
Aditya Prakash 11 kun oldin
@Joe Jeffy you probably were born after UZpost was created sit yo ass down 😂😂. He said one of the greatest salty raptors fan
DrizzleTV 11 kun oldin
@Joe Jeffy casual, that dunk ranks pretty high , maybe not Scottie on Ewing but it’s high
Joe Jeffy
Joe Jeffy 11 kun oldin
Chill. You’ve only seen like 2 years of NBA basketball and you’re talking about all time? 🤣🤣 These kids really think everything they see is the greatest ever
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