Brooklyn Nets Make HISTORY With A Perfect 5-0 Road Trip Against Western Conference Opponents!

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The Brooklyn Nets are the first Eastern Conference team to win 5 straight games on a Western Conference road trip since the Chicago Bulls in Jan. 2010.
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Toney Orange
Toney Orange 7 kun oldin
Erf Rast
Erf Rast 8 kun oldin
The parallel son concretely divide because scarecrow lamentably answer inside a jumpy marimba. truculent, odd penalty
maul 8 kun oldin
Offense beats defense in this soft league
Caleb Clemmons
Caleb Clemmons 8 kun oldin
Kevin Durant's just laughing on the bench...
Stephen Rodriguez
Stephen Rodriguez 8 kun oldin
id actually see harden gettin this years chip. same for irving
Revelation 8 kun oldin
Let's go Nets!
BORZ T.V 8 kun oldin
Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell 8 kun oldin
Harden is a really special PG. His threat of Creation, Score and Assist I think is only comparable too LEBRON and Steph Curry. I think Harden is the best creator for his teammates in the league. Didn’t know how his usage rate would fit in but he made it fit perfect with Improving the Shots others take. Even tho DeAndre Jordan is older, he seems more threatening than he used too when Harden is on the Court and Harden is Master at Creating open 3 oppertunities
Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell 8 kun oldin
Durant eFG% is well higher because he plays with Harden
Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell 8 kun oldin
He is also an excellent Defender, Harden should be in the MVP consideration if his Creation for Others and Defence stay at these levels
forest neo
forest neo 8 kun oldin
Cheater win the game
אתי רמות
אתי רמות 8 kun oldin
wizards need one more win to make this too.
BEVAN RITETE 8 kun oldin
James harden and kyrie irving are lethal weapons and the assassin is relaxing watching it all unfold. Bronsexuals will be mad
Hans 9 kun oldin
BKN Dominance👀🔥
Danny Banks
Danny Banks 9 kun oldin
Irving's handles and finishing are up there with Isaiah Thomas, maybe a little better. He just hasn't been in as many high stakes moments as Isaiah was.
Jefeth Lopez
Jefeth Lopez 9 kun oldin
Bro harden lookin different. He looks more serious. Like hes tired of losing and not getting that chip. Maybe we have yet to see the best of harden 😬
Will McKinty
Will McKinty 9 kun oldin
They should implode sooner than later
Bryan V
Bryan V 9 kun oldin
Haters gonna hate so let them hate 😌😅🙃 NETS WORLD! 🌎
Isaac Behdadnia
Isaac Behdadnia 9 kun oldin
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jashane stone
jashane stone 9 kun oldin
I just watched the other teams bench whenever Brooklyn plays... 👀 😂😂😂
jashane stone
jashane stone 9 kun oldin
Just keep your eye on Kyrie even after the pass at 6:22? 👀💪🏾💯 Kyrie's Next Level he just doesn't turn it on every night.. Now that's scary 😳
F Luo
F Luo 9 kun oldin
So are we really ignoring the rare game-winning flop?
jashane stone
jashane stone 9 kun oldin
Wait till Speedy Dinwiddie recover and KD?? Iman Shumpert on the bench for the playoffs! Scary!
VM 9 kun oldin
Pacific division is the most stacked division right now and the Brooklyn Nets just destroyed them.
Ron 9 kun oldin
Brooklyn is looking more dangerous.
Prev GOATED 9 kun oldin
Best team ever constructed
Laura Márquez
Laura Márquez 9 kun oldin
“Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💗
Marc Leyu
Marc Leyu 9 kun oldin
Harden playing like lebron now as a good leader
Lebron James
Lebron James 9 kun oldin
I have beaten Harden, Durant in the Finals and I have given Kyrie a ring
Lebron James
Lebron James 8 kun oldin
It’s sad they have to all team up to bet me isn’t it
Lamar Goat
Lamar Goat 9 kun oldin
U didn't beat them all in one team tho so..
the two happiest people if they win a ring Mike dantoni & James harden make it happen!!
Alexander Mann
Alexander Mann 9 kun oldin
holy **** bro we gotta better watch out these nets are fire
Darnell 9 kun oldin
kyrie irving makes history again
Gearswitch819 9 kun oldin
let's not forget this is against the west
Erroneous Monk
Erroneous Monk 9 kun oldin
Tell me again why we slobber over a bunch of all stars teaming up together and being “good”????
No video, 1000 channel registration A
No video, 1000 channel registration A 9 kun oldin
Jit Florida
Jit Florida 9 kun oldin
Aj Africa
Aj Africa 9 kun oldin
love how kd is always "on" whenever u give him the ball. and he doesnt have high usage
Instinct Bael
Instinct Bael 9 kun oldin
Kyrie ethering Lebron @ 7:49
Songs of War
Songs of War 9 kun oldin
shows how weak the east was
Kenneth raiford
Kenneth raiford 9 kun oldin
Kyrie had lebron lost at 7:55 🤣😂
Pra Sempre Omar
Pra Sempre Omar 9 kun oldin
Nets in four against everyone
Kelly Oubre Jr
Kelly Oubre Jr 9 kun oldin
That’s the warriors by June
ME NATO NAME KAZE 9 kun oldin
Are we even surprised that the NBA cheat code won 5 games in a row?
SAYGO FTOS 9 kun oldin
Its a shame.. Bcuz by the time 4 play-offs kyrie injury prong kd injury prong.. Regardless harden cant in dont show up how he do in regular season.. Lbj
only1ratty 9 kun oldin
nba world order incoming.. revenge!!!!!!!!!!
SpeedHomeAttack 9 kun oldin
NBA channel needs to chill with the amount of ads they pump in these short ass vids
Babes Camid
Babes Camid 9 kun oldin
when is Klay Thompson going to play
Lamar Goat
Lamar Goat 9 kun oldin
He's not playing until next season
Nets World
Nets World 9 kun oldin
Nah, not anymore! Lol
mr. La lakers
mr. La lakers 9 kun oldin
The nba might awhile hand the trophy to the nets. This dont make no sense i havnt watch a game this year and probably for a long time if this keep happen. Three of the top 3 players on the same team come on where the fight and stuggle.
Orlando Jemmott
Orlando Jemmott 9 kun oldin
Harden winning the MVP!! can wait for andre drummond to join the team
Julian Menz
Julian Menz 9 kun oldin
Remember how they won that 5th game with the Oscar-worthy performance when Kawhi was driving to the hoop
Weebone M
Weebone M 9 kun oldin
2:29 fucking flopping man . Todays Nba is so soft
Bound For Success...
Bound For Success... 9 kun oldin
tHe NeTs aRE oNLy gOoD CuZ tHEre iN tHE EAsT🥱🥱😴😴😴 Nets gettin a chip in 6 games
Philip Alfornon
Philip Alfornon 9 kun oldin
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[4B03]FUNG CHEUK LAP [4B03]馮卓立
[4B03]FUNG CHEUK LAP [4B03]馮卓立 9 kun oldin
Nash Lagunsay
Nash Lagunsay 9 kun oldin
Big 3! Brooklyn the new champ this season no douts...
Matt Diayzeyoen
Matt Diayzeyoen 9 kun oldin
And the flop is working, shame
Hemestal 9 kun oldin
Oh uh...
Wolf7 El
Wolf7 El 9 kun oldin
Imagine how unstoppable they'll be if they get another rim protector & Elite Rebounder like Andre Drummond. Once KD comes back fully healthy this team is going to walk to the NBA Finals without breaking a sweat, they will crush the Lakers or Clippers in 5 games if they play either one in the finals. The only team that might give them a run for their money would be Utah, but they still would beat them in 6.
Ken McKinnie
Ken McKinnie 9 kun oldin
Erroneous Monk
Erroneous Monk 9 kun oldin
Yeah, isn’t that what all of the NBA wants to see? FOUR all stars on the same team, eliminating any sense of competition? What is wrong with you people? Celebrating this garbage?
Uday Bains
Uday Bains 9 kun oldin
DJ can gwan tbh coming up big last few games, just needs to step up like this more
Federico Bayer Botero
Federico Bayer Botero 9 kun oldin
Why dont they show the gamewinning Flop vs Clippers? Another Time "history" made by the Refs... wow Congrats
T.O.S HIGH 9 kun oldin
Ima laugh so hard when this team flops lmaoo
Guillermo McLean
Guillermo McLean 9 kun oldin
Am laughing so hard that you think that.... I bet you that you are one of those people that though the Cavs was going to beat golden state because Nick wright told you so 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
James Hammond
James Hammond 9 kun oldin
Harris reminds me of Kerr with the bulls
Angel HD
Angel HD 9 kun oldin
Dont mean much, just means western players went to a eastern conference team.
Geez 9 kun oldin
Kyrie might win again with James.
Emman Pilapil
Emman Pilapil 9 kun oldin
i didnt knew kyrie has that dunk package in him
hailem hailem
hailem hailem 9 kun oldin
no teams never beat 5 west teams in a row wow
hailem hailem
hailem hailem 9 kun oldin
@Jomari Celis ok respect
Jomari Celis
Jomari Celis 9 kun oldin
since 2010
KaRsOnSZN 9 kun oldin
Iso Gang that's the game
Jonel Pangan
Jonel Pangan 9 kun oldin
Without KD No Problem With KD = Championship
Khayelihle Lumbela
Khayelihle Lumbela 9 kun oldin
Durant, harden assist and irving socers
ohhh yeahhh
ohhh yeahhh 9 kun oldin
Remember what lebron said about the nets compared to the warriors, these men are on a mission now.
jhyoo110 9 kun oldin
Shout out to the refs
Terrance 9 kun oldin
Where the ppl that said that they wouldn’t make it work & build chemistry?? 👀
Sharvesh.R, X-A, MGG
Sharvesh.R, X-A, MGG 9 kun oldin
Sonnel Umali
Sonnel Umali 9 kun oldin
LeBron, AD, Nobody...Nets in 5!
GZ GZ 9 kun oldin
Khayelihle Lumbela
Khayelihle Lumbela 9 kun oldin
James harden is 🔥 and he makes things happen
Roy Rivera
Roy Rivera 9 kun oldin
Brooklyn 🗣️ it's going 2 be NY vs LA in the finals. 2021. Play some biggie vs pac cause it's a wrap.
Koon Leung Lee
Koon Leung Lee 9 kun oldin
scary hour to the whole Association
Jay 14
Jay 14 9 kun oldin
that's what we do Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn💥💥
LayLo Daze
LayLo Daze 9 kun oldin
James harden needs to be fined a big amount for that this is not soccer!
Issifou Orou
Issifou Orou 9 kun oldin
Harden MVP
Caleb 2K
Caleb 2K 9 kun oldin
I know I'm not the only person who noticed that the Nets wore the same uniforms for 5 games in a row lmao
Nets World
Nets World 9 kun oldin
vidz06 9 kun oldin
Nets gave the whole west coast that work
Anh-Tuan Do
Anh-Tuan Do 9 kun oldin
Harden is a bitch
Ano Desu
Ano Desu 9 kun oldin
Steve rogers will be proud
Raymond Qiu
Raymond Qiu 9 kun oldin
Proud of what?
Marcus Benedict DS
Marcus Benedict DS 9 kun oldin
The Nets look like a team from the west.
Terry Lew
Terry Lew 9 kun oldin
They have just lost 2 players in tonight's game
Guillermo McLean
Guillermo McLean 9 kun oldin
Nets world 🖤🌍🗽 scary hour's 😈👻
Herod Phallmetto
Herod Phallmetto 9 kun oldin
They used to call it Crooklyn back in the 20th century,now it's back to Brooklyn!That's what I'm talking about earn your name back that's only for real players!
Chaim 9 kun oldin
They might have been losing first but the fact that they whoop ass when it’s time to play the top contending teams says a lot it’s getting spooky
i love eldia
i love eldia 3 kun oldin
@Danbobway i aint mad bruh like i said KD had the right intentions in mind for a 2v2 finals with Bron and AD, he couldnt have seen this coming from 2 years ago when he first signed with the Nets. Man wanted to win a ring without a superteam, we cant really disregard that, but hey he still pretty young, who knows maybe he'll win one for OKC with Shai in like 2025 or sumn
Danbobway 4 kun oldin
@i love eldia KD hasn't even been playing bruh, stay madddd
i love eldia
i love eldia 9 kun oldin
@Yours Truly04 my bad wasn't really KD fault, it was Harden who joined last minute, i get KD just wanted to form a duo with Ky to meet up with Bron and AD in the finals
Yours Truly04
Yours Truly04 9 kun oldin
@i love eldia you blame KD for this why? Cause you hate and resent him cause Lebron can’t win another chip. I thought they said it wasn’t gonna work now KD ruin it again mannnnnn y’all just don’t want to give this man his credit.
i love eldia
i love eldia 9 kun oldin
@UltimateSSjin last season had TONS of dynamic duos in the league but we were just missing KD/Kyrie and Klay/Curry, so needless to say i was hyped for this season, that is until Klay got injured and Harden decided to squeeze his fat salary into Brooklyn who already had their own duo
Jericho Mangune
Jericho Mangune 9 kun oldin
dennies barsolaso
dennies barsolaso 9 kun oldin
What should we expect,they have 3 of the worlds best basketball player today.
imcoolwith that
imcoolwith that 9 kun oldin
well not realy.. this are their last 5 games, they won them all, KD played only 1 game and Kyrie played 3.. only Harden played all 5 games and still no one in the west could beat them
Joseph Tilson
Joseph Tilson 9 kun oldin
Nets in 5, LeMickey and ADisney don’t stand a chance
Bon Goaie
Bon Goaie 9 kun oldin
Gfis that oh good
Dj Tenders
Dj Tenders 9 kun oldin
2 of the 3 nets will be hurt by playoffs
Cesar Galvez
Cesar Galvez 9 kun oldin
I’m dead
LeBozo James
LeBozo James 9 kun oldin
Nets in 0 Clippers will win the championship
Raymond Qiu
Raymond Qiu 9 kun oldin
ADisney got me dead😂😂😂😂😂
Roody Renelus
Roody Renelus 9 kun oldin
Danm net .....LeBron how you going to react with that 🤔
Ricky Zhang
Ricky Zhang 9 kun oldin
b-bu-but I thought lAkErS iN fIvE!
Lamar Goat
Lamar Goat 9 kun oldin
@LeBozo James stop trolling bro.
Bon Goaie
Bon Goaie 9 kun oldin
Tfis that oh good
LeBozo James
LeBozo James 9 kun oldin
fakers in 5? nope nets and fakers wont even make the finals. clippers in 4 vs 76ers
The Judge
The Judge 9 kun oldin
There isn't a single team (Above .500) that can take the Nets pass 6 games. I hope James Harden gets a ring.
hour glass
hour glass 9 kun oldin
4 of that games is without KD
Klarenz Perocho
Klarenz Perocho 9 kun oldin
Harden is the face of the nets now
Guillermo McLean
Guillermo McLean 9 kun oldin
It's a three face monster.... But KD is still the face of the team.... Trust me am a Nets fan
ohhh yeahhh
ohhh yeahhh 9 kun oldin
NOO KD is the best player harden and Irving are good enough to keep kd well rested but kd will be the key factor why they win it in the playoffs and finals.
Miko Fidel
Miko Fidel 9 kun oldin
Todo Dia Podcast Saco Cheio
Todo Dia Podcast Saco Cheio 9 kun oldin
Only idiots with low basketball iq think Irving is good
K.V Tsang
K.V Tsang 9 kun oldin
oh money
oh money 9 kun oldin
Lol but really tho, what is there to dislike?
Nicholas Lietzan
Nicholas Lietzan 9 kun oldin
I mean, you're reaching with that title. They are playing great basketball though
GreekSneakCollector 9 kun oldin
Nets are back for good!!
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