Best Plays From All-Star Starter Kyrie Irving | 2020-21 NBA Season

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Kyrie Irving is making his 7th #NBAAllStar appearance. Drafted as the 1st overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft out of Duke, Kyrie is an NBA champion (2016) and was named the 2014 NBA All-Star Game Kobe Bryant MVP. This season, he's averaging 28.3 PPG, 4.6 RPG and 5.7 APG for the Brooklyn Nets.
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Rosswell Villete
Rosswell Villete 3 soat oldin
ohhhhhhhhhhhh the englishhhhhhhhhhhhh
Checkrite 3rd
Checkrite 3rd 6 soat oldin
Shutout Jared Allen
Bay 11 soat oldin
The most entertaining player with the highest performance
Robert Lucey '29
Robert Lucey '29 11 soat oldin
Kyrie irving is the best player of all time much better then Lebron James
Joseph A
Joseph A Kun oldin
notice how most these plays are on top tier defenders nobody can guard him
3 best point guard 1st damian lillard 2nd stephen curry
Joseph A
Joseph A Kun oldin
Best ball handler of all time?
Munoken 23
Munoken 23 Kun oldin
Greatest show on earth
Tyrin Broussard
Tyrin Broussard 2 kun oldin
Definitely deserved this start !!!
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 3 kun oldin
My idol since cavaliers
Dshawn Steptoe
Dshawn Steptoe 3 kun oldin
I’m hearing a lot of talk about who’s gonna take the last shot down the stretch in Brooklyn. My things is, all 3 will be sitting down because they build a cushion to chill.
Jay Tate
Jay Tate 3 kun oldin
Look how low he gets against sexton 🤯
LightningXG 3 kun oldin
That's 1st play almost made me *BUST*
Austin 4 kun oldin
Look at Kyrie man so inspirational!
Not so Average Homie
Not so Average Homie 4 kun oldin
Team Ky
Mark Gorospe
Mark Gorospe 4 kun oldin
Lailo 4 kun oldin
The best.
Happines With less S
Happines With less S 4 kun oldin
Best handles
ManBoy Thing
ManBoy Thing 4 kun oldin
My favourite player he just too cold
Too Short
Too Short 5 kun oldin
Kyrie Irving accept his role he's not a point guard he's a shooting guard.
Praveen kolouju
Praveen kolouju 5 kun oldin
At 5:32 if you watched tyrese haliburton on JJ redicks podcast this is the play he was talking about where James harden yelled “can I have this dance, kyrie?”
ZayDifferent 5 kun oldin
Look at kyrie man so inspirational
Sebastian Montoya
Sebastian Montoya 5 kun oldin
Pound for Pound the Most Skilled Basketball Player in NBA History 🔥🔥💯
Bryan Castro
Bryan Castro 5 kun oldin
I think Kyrie Irving deserves MVP.
The Greatest Finesser
The Greatest Finesser 5 kun oldin
Watching him is like poetry in motion he’s so fun to watch so inspirational #Brooklyn #Getthatring
Chelsea Liu30
Chelsea Liu30 6 kun oldin
4:37 kyrie travel
Rapza Sibug
Rapza Sibug 4 kun oldin
TSA99_ 6 kun oldin
idc if you hate him or like him everyone should agree he's entertaining and fun to watch
LNF Skate
LNF Skate 6 kun oldin
that dunk by allen was underrated 13:26
Isaac Nichols
Isaac Nichols 6 kun oldin
He reminds me of Kobe on the offensive side he definitely can get anywhere he wants right now really fun to watch and see!
Ching Lee
Ching Lee 6 kun oldin
Too much hate on him
Hakim El Alami
Hakim El Alami 6 kun oldin
Wizard Kai 🧙🏽‍♂️
Cal Tube T.V
Cal Tube T.V 7 kun oldin
Who was GREATER at Lay-Ups Kyrie or Jordan .. 👇comment below !!
rip van winkle
rip van winkle 7 kun oldin
Just a good ball handling but don't have the skills on how to win a game. Better on just being a sidekick
Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate 7 kun oldin
How's Kyrie only 92 on 2k21
Regal 7 kun oldin
the best PG & box office !
Willie Davis
Willie Davis 7 kun oldin
The most skilled point guard ever
Checkrite 3rd
Checkrite 3rd 6 soat oldin
Nathan Rasmussen
Nathan Rasmussen Kun oldin
he is not A point guard tho james is
Delostacos MC
Delostacos MC 7 kun oldin
Kyrie Irving es el heredero al trono!👑 Saludos desde méxico eres mi ídolo 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
David Amuka
David Amuka 7 kun oldin
Jesus loves u turn to him and be saved
Pen Steph Official Channel
Pen Steph Official Channel 7 kun oldin
This man can not lead a team in the finals😂
Teresa Blood
Teresa Blood 7 kun oldin
Bitch you can’t either tf
Louie Gei Garcia
Louie Gei Garcia 7 kun oldin
antinapay 8 kun oldin
Kyrie is the most coordinated offensive player of all time
Sharp Young
Sharp Young 8 kun oldin
I play a ton of basketball cool video go jazz celtics blazers
Jedrex Pacao
Jedrex Pacao 8 kun oldin
3:27 wtf 😮
D'Kno Howard
D'Kno Howard 8 kun oldin
T-Lo Fernandez
T-Lo Fernandez 8 kun oldin
Can this female commentator just stfu
Michael Lundy
Michael Lundy 8 kun oldin
The Barry Sanders of point guards , Derrick rose was the bo Jackson of point guards,,,,Kyrie post game mid game and foot work is only comparable to Kobe, Mike ,Hakeem and,kawhi,,,and his handles is like Isiah Thomas the hall of fame Thomas ,,
Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving 8 kun oldin
I’m the best point guard in the NBA
alvin jian
alvin jian 17 soat oldin
You're a son of a bitch
KATUGATA Vlogs 19 soat oldin
Best one on one
Kyrieee Irving
Kyrieee Irving Kun oldin
Kyrie Irving
Joel Varghese
Joel Varghese Kun oldin
No lies detected...
Dhruv Mittal
Dhruv Mittal 2 kun oldin
@Pooky slash Ray true dat
りり 8 kun oldin
Jiewen Mai
Jiewen Mai 8 kun oldin
Kyrie is the most skillful player as Kobe!! This is the NBA. Call LBJ to go home plz.
Nico Di Shiznit
Nico Di Shiznit 8 kun oldin
he's dribbling so low you won't reach it.
Best show in basketball right now must see tv
Ali Too Shifty
Ali Too Shifty 9 kun oldin
everybody watch this video lets watch the best pg in the league go to work My boy kyrie irving
Kapitan Tiago
Kapitan Tiago 3 kun oldin
Ali Too Shifty
Ali Too Shifty 6 kun oldin
@TheRealMziino cough cough not better than kyrie irving
TheRealMziino 8 kun oldin
cough cough steph curry
AbnORmal 10 kun oldin
yeaaaaaaaaa kyrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Alexander Demella
Alexander Demella 10 kun oldin
uncle drew is in his prime this season
Yufeng Zhao
Yufeng Zhao 10 kun oldin
1:56 6'11 = 240 good math
Fabio Peretta
Fabio Peretta 10 kun oldin
Anthony T
Anthony T 10 kun oldin
He shouldn’t be a starter this year shit is rigged
JAEDYN RIVERA 10 kun oldin
Averaging 28 4 6 in the 50 40 90 club. Gtfoh you casual
Parlay King Sports
Parlay King Sports 10 kun oldin
Rediculous Kyrie 😀😀😀
Jose alejandro Hernandez Morales
Jose alejandro Hernandez Morales 10 kun oldin
Oh q' habilidoso el messi del basket
Jones Orock
Jones Orock 11 kun oldin
I’m surprised kyrie aunt doesn’t even have an mvp yet
PM 10
PM 10 9 kun oldin
I know but he will get it very very soon he probably won’t get it this year but he should get it next year
zzzzz 11 kun oldin
Kyrie looked better before Harden arrived imo tho
Teff S.
Teff S. 11 kun oldin
Best midrange in the league, best finisher in the league, best ball handler in the league, consistent 40% shooter from 3, consistent 90% from the line... when are we going to acknowledge hes best scorer in the league. Its not close anymore...
Teff S.
Teff S. 8 kun oldin
@yvonne vonne yes. If he foul hunted like trae young hed avg 35 this season but hes about championships not inflated stats. This is why he always cooks steph on the biggest stage
yvonne vonne
yvonne vonne 9 kun oldin
@Teff S. so u saying kyrie is d best nba ???
Teff S.
Teff S. 9 kun oldin
@yvonne vonne kawhis midrange bag isnt as deep as kd or kyrie. Kyrie is more efficient with his movement than kd, its similar to kobe and mike. Kyrie avging what hes doing under 4 free throws a game which lends itself well in the playoffs when no one gets calls. Respect the goat, mount rushmore of scorers 🐐
yvonne vonne
yvonne vonne 10 kun oldin
Unmm best scorer lol ... kd n harden gt sumtin to say to dat !!! Best mid range kd n kawhi got sumtin to say to dat !! Best finisher under d rim dts kyrie not even close of all time !!
5k nino
5k nino 11 kun oldin
He so artistic wit his layups
Casey Jones
Casey Jones 12 kun oldin
u guys forgotten KYRIE won the 3pt shooutout couple of yrs ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣
SKJORHAN 7 soat oldin
Lol that’s why he shoots more from the outside than the inside in the previous games
Kenyan Simpo
Kenyan Simpo 6 kun oldin
We didn’t
Chong Pooka
Chong Pooka 12 kun oldin
Me mother tell me Kiree Erving is me real father and he no take care of me. Why papa?
Joshua Tolliver
Joshua Tolliver 12 kun oldin
Uncle Dreeewwww!!!!!
Lil Ryan Yurr
Lil Ryan Yurr 12 kun oldin
We let kd sit against Lakers and only play kyrie and harden and still crushed them
Uncle Waldo
Uncle Waldo 12 kun oldin
my fav player in the league and the most saucy... no cap
kobe1408 12 kun oldin
11:42 haha pulls and tits . That announcer is having some good time with his co female
bianca💙 12 kun oldin
falling in love with kyrie this season😘
Nathanael Panjaitan
Nathanael Panjaitan 12 kun oldin
Did he ever dunk ? I've never seen he did it
Fake Valkyrie
Fake Valkyrie 9 kun oldin
Well he did it yesterday against the clippers
Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving 12 kun oldin
I made the all star ⭐️ again 😎
Tem Baclas
Tem Baclas 12 kun oldin
your wanna shit irving.your smal idiot.. did not u a bit LBJ..he is ah heghest NBA person..gago
Carlos Sosa
Carlos Sosa 12 kun oldin
Kyrie going to take the all star game off
Michol Tello
Michol Tello 12 kun oldin
AnkleBully 12 kun oldin
Kyrie and J. Allen were deadly together in the pick and roll 🔥
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro 12 kun oldin
Deed!zel 12 kun oldin
3:27 might be my favorite move from uncle drew this season
Demetrius Hinkle
Demetrius Hinkle 6 kun oldin
Yeah it was hard but you may be taking to early dude a bring some mo shit out that we never seen 😂😂
Josiah John
Josiah John 10 kun oldin
Bryson Suttles
Bryson Suttles 12 kun oldin
Well deserved!!!!!!
Seven herbs of spring
Seven herbs of spring 12 kun oldin
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant 12 kun oldin
Uncle Drew has been spectacular all season long.
OG Kun oldin
Absolutely zero 🧢
Jay TV
Jay TV 4 kun oldin
Brandon fandoe
Brandon fandoe 12 kun oldin
kyrie : - draymond : i know your move
kingrobinho777 8 kun oldin
üñknowned 12 kun oldin
Kyrie is back 🔥🔥🔥
Sagnik Mukherjee
Sagnik Mukherjee 12 kun oldin
Why Kyrie only have 15min video..when everybody got like 20?
Carlos Sosa
Carlos Sosa 12 kun oldin
Plays when he wants
Joseph Tilson
Joseph Tilson 12 kun oldin
Kyrie isn’t just a ball player he’s a artist and the ball and the court is his canvas. A absolute joy to watch play.
sonny dlight
sonny dlight 4 kun oldin
He .makes us all want to play ball
Ali Too Shifty
Ali Too Shifty 12 kun oldin
ong he is
Burr DonDada
Burr DonDada 12 kun oldin
All the Dislikes are from BronSexuals, Salty Celtics Fans and PAWNS‼️
Just a Random Guy
Just a Random Guy 12 kun oldin
sometimes i forget kyrie is a tall player, probably cuz how low he dribbling the ball or the camera angle is just weird
Popjp7 Kun oldin
@Just a Random Guy in the grand scheme of things yes he’s tall but for nba standards he’s rather short
Just a Random Guy
Just a Random Guy 6 kun oldin
Ohh i forgot to tell you.. i'm asian specifically filipino, so that height is pretty tall for me
DJ Ronnie Cash
DJ Ronnie Cash 8 kun oldin
6 2
Popjp7 11 kun oldin
He really ain’t that tall though he’s really about 6’1
Flashy Merty
Flashy Merty 12 kun oldin
Best show in the NBA
L J 13 kun oldin
Kyrie "Cancer" Irving
Carlos Sosa
Carlos Sosa 12 kun oldin
Clown too
Cheeser 13 kun oldin
I do not think it is possible for kyrie to miss midranges
Technical Guru Nepali
Technical Guru Nepali 13 kun oldin
Check best of CBA
Ali Too Shifty
Ali Too Shifty 13 kun oldin
Kyrie Irving is the most talented skillful player of all time i am standing by it.
@Brandon Jackson you’re not swole enough to have shirtless pictures bruh. I don’t even need to roast ya. You did it to ya self 😂
Brandon Jackson
Brandon Jackson 11 soat oldin
@THE COUCH BRO'S PODCAST nigga Kobe said that about Allen Iverson not kyrie. Shut up
Aries Donyll Sumayang
Aries Donyll Sumayang 14 soat oldin
No disrespect to the great kobe and mj but kyrie's different for me. He's like every man's ideal type of game. He looks smooth no matter how difficult the move is.
Tyrin Broussard
Tyrin Broussard 2 kun oldin
Thabang matsepe
Thabang matsepe 3 kun oldin
Contested shots.... finish through contact... off the glass... either handle... footwork.... efficiency... ballhandling.... fadeaways... did I say off the glass shots... one hand passer... hey I'm sure there's more he can do.... when you mention any one else against him be sure you know what you talking about.... oh him being 6'2 is a huge deal... like what the fvck 😑
J E P H 13 kun oldin
My idol.. ❤️ since 2014
Nova Red
Nova Red 13 kun oldin
One day I will be the biggest artist in the music industry...manifest 💯🐐🎶👀
PJ V 13 kun oldin
Never shave your beard Irving. Ugh.
Mario Christian
Mario Christian 13 kun oldin
The JAGUAR kyrie poised silent but deadly....WATER
Carlos Sosa
Carlos Sosa 12 kun oldin
The Clown kyrie controlled
Jan Millen Serna
Jan Millen Serna 13 kun oldin
Most skilled PG of all time, no cap. Carry on...
Carlos Sosa
Carlos Sosa 12 kun oldin
Hell naw
Qigaming 13 kun oldin
What they mean by starter ?
Elisha Agyeman
Elisha Agyeman 13 kun oldin
no hate but (my option) maybe Fred vanvleet should get this spot
Waxy Pad
Waxy Pad 13 kun oldin
We can get Kyrie outta here for dame tho
Oh Ok
Oh Ok 7 kun oldin
you’re on crack
JAEDYN RIVERA 10 kun oldin
Nigga are you dumb?
Jascah Franz Alcantara
Jascah Franz Alcantara 12 kun oldin
What league are you watchinh?
Kam Scott
Kam Scott 13 kun oldin
Dame is in the western conference wtf are you on?
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