Best Plays From All-Star Starter Stephen Curry| 2020-21 NBA Season

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Stephen Curry is making his 7th #NBAAllStar appearance. Drafted as the 7th overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft out of Davidson, Steph is a 3x NBA champion and 2x #KiaMVP. This season, he’s averaging 30.0 PPG, 5.3 RPG and 6.0 APG for the Golden State Warriors.
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mark 2 soat oldin
if he leads the warriors to like a top 4 seed.. MVP🗣🤞🏻
다알어 4 soat oldin
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Gurjaan Pangli
Gurjaan Pangli 6 soat oldin
Look at curry man
Alexia Is On Fire
Alexia Is On Fire 7 soat oldin
Steph has been the best player in the league so far this season and fully deserves the MVP 🏆 I play basketball the way I do 100% because of Steph Curry 💛💙 he has been by far the biggest influence on my life both on the court and off it as well
Petr Kubík
Petr Kubík 10 soat oldin
Maan that no look lay up faked the shit out of me...
leo hug
leo hug 11 soat oldin
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yaniko lamitr
yaniko lamitr 11 soat oldin
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Rosa Ferry III
Rosa Ferry III 12 soat oldin
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Cashual Chuck
Cashual Chuck 13 soat oldin
Donald Jacobs
Donald Jacobs 13 soat oldin
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Michael Raad
Michael Raad 17 soat oldin
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Marc Romero Simón
Marc Romero Simón 17 soat oldin
Joy Alugwe
Joy Alugwe 18 soat oldin
Steph and Curry from Downtown 😆🥰
Strivers Engineer
Strivers Engineer 23 soat oldin
NBA Games very famous...I am fan of basketball, Subscribed already to this channel maybe someone can help me subscribe to my new youtube channel, I am planning to make some Game Highlights also..thanks
s1ralt Kun oldin
lebron's all star video has 200k views and this has 700k... i wonder how tho...
Luke Levesque
Luke Levesque Kun oldin
lmao “stop” 3:32
Julian Badoni
Julian Badoni Kun oldin
Curry needs to be in the MVP conversation
Santiago Garfias Trigueros
Santiago Garfias Trigueros Kun oldin
Best shooter all time
Fier The Great
Fier The Great Kun oldin
If 100% smothered Greens were a person 😂
李梵 Kun oldin
SUSPECT TV Kun oldin
3:34 *”stop”* *”yo”*
XXNewEraXX Kun oldin
"Best plays from All-Star started Stephen Curry 2020-21" This is literally a 20 minutes compilation on him shooting from super far away and putting incredibly layups. 20 minutes. And he has been injured for a whole year. Clearly deserves MVP
kendall lol
kendall lol Kun oldin
notice how this has a lot more views then the others
Charlie Sours
Charlie Sours Kun oldin
Curry is the goat 🚫 cap
Sebastian Vanegas
Sebastian Vanegas Kun oldin
Crazy how this video got more views than all the all star starter highlights combined
Be Smart
Be Smart Kun oldin
Curry = Ronaldinho 👌
Rjm Swag
Rjm Swag Kun oldin
The only reason I like this a star game because Steph and lebron
Jason Rached
Jason Rached 2 kun oldin
talk about drawing the foul
YaDa Beast
YaDa Beast 2 kun oldin
Fun Fact: Stephen Curry being 7-time all-star is equaled to 7th overall pick of the 2009 NBA draft.
Nathan tubera
Nathan tubera 2 kun oldin
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Tomas fatinson
Tomas fatinson 2 kun oldin
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silkaj marota
silkaj marota 2 kun oldin
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silkaj marota
silkaj marota 2 kun oldin
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Tan Nguyen
Tan Nguyen 2 kun oldin
Yulius Akbar
Yulius Akbar 3 kun oldin
Masato Asmr
Masato Asmr 3 kun oldin
132-126 Final/5OT
Vocal Tracks
Vocal Tracks 3 kun oldin
The amount of views this has compared to the other 9 is insane
Jane N
Jane N 3 kun oldin
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Josh CS
Josh CS 3 kun oldin
They do have a timeout, decided not to use it.. Curry way downtown, BANG BANG Oh What a shot from Curry..
Pranav Manie
Pranav Manie 3 kun oldin
The Curry-Draymond partnership is just pure magic.
Ty 3 kun oldin
Juan Isidro Acevedo
Juan Isidro Acevedo 3 kun oldin
I love how Curry's video has 709K views, while all the other starters COMBINED have 789K, and that includes LeBron.
Roselene Macasaol
Roselene Macasaol 2 kun oldin
This video has already 751k views in a week blows my mind.
Alex Ortiz
Alex Ortiz 3 kun oldin
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DJTheAnkle1Taker 3 kun oldin
yea steph should be winning MVP but Embiid is als in the conversation!
Stef with the step.
Ayden Kraus
Ayden Kraus 3 kun oldin
Curry for most improved player of the year
Mr Alex Roblox
Mr Alex Roblox 3 kun oldin
he is like a robot but he is not lol
West Strikes
West Strikes 3 kun oldin
700 k views, inspirational .lbj not even 200 k views ,look at chef curry man
mark brannigan
mark brannigan 3 kun oldin
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rased vanumoti
rased vanumoti 3 kun oldin
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Davione 3 kun oldin
Best point guard in the league right now please don’t argue with me.
Kl P
Kl P 3 kun oldin
Steph curry is the best shooter nba ever had and nobody can do it even the nba goat.
Ronz Lucas
Ronz Lucas 4 kun oldin
these Ads are getting too disrespectful now
Justine Urata
Justine Urata 4 kun oldin
Even if your not a fan of him, just admit it that he is fun to watch😁
Roselene Macasaol
Roselene Macasaol 4 kun oldin
I mean Steph has the most views compare to other allstars. 😳
Le jeune Loup
Le jeune Loup 4 kun oldin
He is so fun to watch, even the announcers get lit !🔥
Vinicius Araujo
Vinicius Araujo 4 kun oldin
Without a doubt is the best pitcher of all time, sthepen curry.🐐
Henny Bacardi
Henny Bacardi 4 kun oldin
Most skillful player of all time.
MadeByAdam 4 kun oldin
Mind the fact Lakers without AD is top to bottom better than Warriors and Curry is having more success than Lebron by himself
Yao Hong Foong
Yao Hong Foong 4 kun oldin
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LC 30 And SuS
LC 30 And SuS 4 kun oldin
golden state WILL win a chip by 2025
M Mullz
M Mullz 4 kun oldin
This video ALONE now has *652K* views. LeBron+KD+Kawhi+Kyrie+Giannis+Doncic+Embiid+Beal+Jokic = *734K* views. Both captains have 186+100= *286K* But Steph is not the captain in the entertainment game. Ok. Also, last season Warriors were dead last in the league without Curry. This year, with him, they are currently the 7th in the bloody west. But it's LeBron and KD.... Ok.
Chemical Shady
Chemical Shady 4 kun oldin
Look at curry man
Keenan Sineath
Keenan Sineath 4 kun oldin
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riccardo raccuia
riccardo raccuia 4 kun oldin
seven. G
seven. G 4 kun oldin
Matthew Pohl
Matthew Pohl 5 kun oldin
Malachi Bankhead
Malachi Bankhead 5 kun oldin
Good ball work curry 😂
Crypto Secutiry
Crypto Secutiry 5 kun oldin
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Nbababe Reacts
Nbababe Reacts 5 kun oldin
Watching every second and JUST Saying HOW ??
Rachid Forbis
Rachid Forbis 5 kun oldin
if u like Curry lets make this commentary 1k likes
Rachid Forbis
Rachid Forbis 5 kun oldin
the best MVP EVER
Daniel Sangil
Daniel Sangil 5 kun oldin
at first i thought curry in 2k was so unrealistic, we’ll i take it back.
Adonys Perez
Adonys Perez 5 kun oldin
El mvp el mejooor de la historia 3pts
Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl
Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl 5 kun oldin
He doesn't have a superstar on his team helping him.....and he STILL has GSW in the playoff picture. THAT is mvp material.
Rohit Singh
Rohit Singh 5 kun oldin
Rallyart1991 5 kun oldin
where is the clutch 3 point shot against AD and Lakers? That is spectacular and extremely difficult
AVERY CRAIG 5 kun oldin
Curry is my favorite player but I get called a bandwagon anytime I say that or wear Warriors gear.
ABHINAV GUPTA 5 kun oldin
Curry is most loved player in nba
Shuylar Webb
Shuylar Webb 5 kun oldin
4:12 he pulled out the Curry slide 😂
James Arias
James Arias 5 kun oldin
Just imagining if Klay is playing while wiggins and Wiseman comes off the bench. GSW will be scary enough to go head to head with nets and lakers
yusmy putra
yusmy putra 5 kun oldin
Mvp step
Mohammed Nauman
Mohammed Nauman 5 kun oldin
Steph and curry🔥🔥
Teresa Bagatsing
Teresa Bagatsing 5 kun oldin
Basil Sadoon
Basil Sadoon 6 kun oldin
Super hyped to be an all star this year
Chief Pat
Chief Pat 6 kun oldin
Did i miss his 3 over AD? Or it wasn't included :/
Magdy alsanif
Magdy alsanif 6 kun oldin
💛💛💛💛💛 MVB CURRY 💛💛💛💛💛
YouTube Best
YouTube Best 6 kun oldin
The GOAT Stephen Curry30👆🏼
amoody 2004
amoody 2004 6 kun oldin
He will get mvb this session
Jonathan Peterson
Jonathan Peterson 6 kun oldin
Steph wants MVP
Azlan Choudhry
Azlan Choudhry 6 kun oldin
GOBLINS DBC 6 kun oldin
Flight is right!! "He's inspirational"
dope dealer
dope dealer 6 kun oldin
Adam Hassanin
Adam Hassanin 6 kun oldin
I hope Curry is mvp inshalah
Adam Hassanin
Adam Hassanin 6 kun oldin
I hope Curry is mvp inshalah
Djibril Mutagoma
Djibril Mutagoma 6 kun oldin
look at curry mn so inspirational
Ashley Carmen
Ashley Carmen 6 kun oldin
My MVP Stephen Curry, best ahtlete in the world right now...
Wilson Perez
Wilson Perez 6 kun oldin
Wilson Perez
Wilson Perez 6 kun oldin
The Face of the NBA, Stephen Curry
jiawen wang
jiawen wang 6 kun oldin
So much fun to watch this guy playin
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