BEST DUNKS Of The Season So Far 👀

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Highlighted by Anthony Edwards on Friday night, check out some of the BEST DUNKS from the 2020-21 Season so far!
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brandon mikolajczak
brandon mikolajczak 3 soat oldin
Nothing more annoying than showing the highlight more than twice
Rf Boyce
Rf Boyce 6 soat oldin
edwards came down that elevator so hard. That dunk is def #1 along with Bridges dunk on the behind the back pass from LaMelo
Jose Garza
Jose Garza 15 soat oldin
Where is Keldon Johnson?! The disrespect!
Badd M%d
Badd M%d 18 soat oldin
Hornets really got the best commentator in the nba
John Montaño
John Montaño Kun oldin
AG did not even dunked the ball lmao
jgsk78 Kun oldin
scores and finishes like young Barkley
taviko yabore
taviko yabore Kun oldin
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Anton Millner
Anton Millner 2 kun oldin
Anyone else notice that Anthony Edwards was on there like 7 times?
Choua Lor
Choua Lor 2 kun oldin
That left arm push down
Mason Evans-Williams
Mason Evans-Williams 3 kun oldin
0:45 dang stop spitting on the mike chilll
ECSUVik96 3 kun oldin
The Raptors have been catching work all season sheesh
SSChicago 3 kun oldin
LB dunks are trash.
Jay Kay
Jay Kay 4 kun oldin
Miles Bridges should be on here about a dozen times.
Smilez Kapone
Smilez Kapone 4 kun oldin
Anthony Edwards baptized that boy 🔥🔥🔥🔥
rony Bondet
rony Bondet 4 kun oldin
Tak gudak mas mas jam nya oww ya mas makasih ya mas iya
rony Bondet
rony Bondet 4 kun oldin
Tok tok jamnya oww bukan ya maaf y mas,, di buka hendelone
James Ridge
James Ridge 5 kun oldin
Hornets highlights are the best because of the announcers
Brooks Hanes
Brooks Hanes 5 kun oldin
Ant Man dunkin' donuts break the coffee mugs
Tamim Almoulani
Tamim Almoulani 5 kun oldin
The hornet’s commentator is damn fun the best i think
Tamim Almoulani
Tamim Almoulani 5 kun oldin
Thats a murder 1:08
Tamim Almoulani
Tamim Almoulani 5 kun oldin
0:10 daaaaaaaamn thats special guy was flying wow
Ccc Ccc
Ccc Ccc 6 kun oldin
Woot woot Minnesota has the most highlights!!! Who cares about winning. Hopefully they keep rebuilding and compliment Towns and edwards more
Sylvester Cannon
Sylvester Cannon 6 kun oldin
That M.Bridges dunk was 🔥🔥 in slow motion!!
Me !
Me ! 6 kun oldin
At 4:00 👈🏼 No regard for human life Sorry KD. YOU GOT MUTTED 🐕
AltnVII 7 kun oldin
Is it just me or does Edward’s have prime D.Rose speed and hops
Bruiser Brodie
Bruiser Brodie 7 kun oldin
Best baseline dunk ever!!!.... Maybe o.O?
Tshim Muaj
Tshim Muaj 7 kun oldin
Got the embarrassment but got the dub in the end
Shiva 7 kun oldin
Bruh, anthony edwards is serious
Meechie 213
Meechie 213 7 kun oldin
Here for zach lavine and Anthony Edwards
Im VenMous
Im VenMous 7 kun oldin
No Josh Jackson double pump? Alright
Twizz The Whiz Kid
Twizz The Whiz Kid 7 kun oldin
"Hum diddley dee"!!!
Lamont Goings
Lamont Goings 8 kun oldin
The Bam jam made me jump a little 😆
Lamont Goings
Lamont Goings 8 kun oldin
That Miles Bridges was some grown man shit
Alex Moran
Alex Moran 8 kun oldin
Anthony Edward dunk reminded me of T-macs dunk on bradley.
Keiven Marley
Keiven Marley 8 kun oldin
John Collins dunk over Jared Allen should've been on here. Trae Young off the backboard to John Collins should've been on here. I'm just saying 🤷🏽‍♂️💯
STAT44 8 kun oldin
first dunk remind me of t-mac dunk
Custom Vegan
Custom Vegan 8 kun oldin
They gave Edwards 4 points because his dunk was so amazing 😂
Ray S
Ray S 8 kun oldin
Chris Boucher Loves getting Dunked on.🤣
Block Musik
Block Musik 8 kun oldin
Not going to lie 1:14 that to dunk cold 🥶 too
Runnel Cambalon
Runnel Cambalon 8 kun oldin
Murant's funk is the best
Itsashark 13
Itsashark 13 8 kun oldin
if u look at it he stept out of bounds haha
David Thomas
David Thomas 8 kun oldin
7:52 "Uncle Jeff hard to the hole..." 💀💀😂😂😂
Julio Ferreira Lopes de Araújo
Julio Ferreira Lopes de Araújo 9 kun oldin
Ivan Leon
Ivan Leon 9 kun oldin
im so happy with the young generation, i hope the rules were like in the past.
Eddie Rodriguez
Eddie Rodriguez 9 kun oldin
ESPN still taking about Lamelo...
I Am Zay
I Am Zay 9 kun oldin
Bro it’s a thousand ads in this
Jabez OnTheSpot
Jabez OnTheSpot 9 kun oldin
The Edwards and Bridges dunk are my DOTY!
Danshi A
Danshi A 9 kun oldin
7 pts, 3 rebs in 34 minutes and an awesome dunk. 😐
Woke Nonsense
Woke Nonsense 9 kun oldin
Am I drunk? Or at 1:56 did zion tell him "Higher"????
Thor Jay
Thor Jay 9 kun oldin
Basically Anthony Edwards highlight reel w a few other players
NFL King
NFL King 9 kun oldin
Edward and dunking like he's 21 but he 19
Devin III
Devin III 9 kun oldin
Rudy on Giannis??
Champagne King
Champagne King 9 kun oldin
Watanabe welcome to my poster😂💀
SWG Fresh
SWG Fresh 9 kun oldin
Let’s talk bout these assists too tho
Matthew Li
Matthew Li 9 kun oldin
I pick Rozier's dunk over KD over Edwards posterizing Watanabe
#1 Nets fan
#1 Nets fan 9 kun oldin
4:40 this dunk was ridiculous
welinton Gabriel
welinton Gabriel 9 kun oldin
Max Kanoff
Max Kanoff 9 kun oldin
This years league MVP Joel Embiid should be on here at least once. He's had some dirty ones this year.
Terrance Gaines
Terrance Gaines 9 kun oldin
"Business decision" Such a useful way to describe when you choose not to get yoked on.
Benaiah Mhlanga
Benaiah Mhlanga 9 kun oldin
The Tony Edwards Show.
Sxrson 9 kun oldin
bro anthony edwards dunk was so nasty they gave him 4 points
John John
John John 9 kun oldin
All dunked by Edwards are posterized.
Lidier Gonzalez
Lidier Gonzalez 9 kun oldin
Of course a 7 footer is easy to Dunk.
ANAST TATS 9 kun oldin
Rozier man hoops💨
Superbad mcLovin
Superbad mcLovin 9 kun oldin
Ant edwards dunked on him so badly they score it a 4 points DAMN!
Joalcas Payne
Joalcas Payne 9 kun oldin
Aaron Gordon dunk over Giannis... DWade: that's still a 9
anthony telow
anthony telow 9 kun oldin
Edwards dunked so hard they gave him 4 pts. Watch as the score went to 65 from 61
David Ifidon
David Ifidon 9 kun oldin
That was so disrespectful!
Téo 9 kun oldin
Are we gonna talk how Anthony Edwards steps out of bounds before running to the rim lol?
DICK HEAD 9 kun oldin
Yuta played defense
MC Gaming
MC Gaming 9 kun oldin
Hoping to see A. Edwards and M. Bridges in the Slam Dunk contest
banana gamer2026
banana gamer2026 10 kun oldin
Edwards is insane!
Norris Johnson II
Norris Johnson II 10 kun oldin
The Hornets Commentator needs to commentate every single game in the playoffs!!!
Norris Johnson II
Norris Johnson II 10 kun oldin
That Edwards dunk was top 5 nastiest I’ve ever seen lol
BB Breakdown
BB Breakdown 10 kun oldin
Why those best ones aren't replay while Ordinaries ones got replayed. Especially PG( pol jorg 🙃)????
Jon dinisio
Jon dinisio 10 kun oldin
No Joel Embiid dunks
Mohammad Zainuddin
Mohammad Zainuddin 10 kun oldin
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Freedom Strength
Freedom Strength 10 kun oldin
This dunk was ugly on his head!!
Itachi Fbm
Itachi Fbm 10 kun oldin
Went from a raptor a geico instantly
oracle yang
oracle yang 10 kun oldin
Giannis keeps getting dunked on this season🤣😂
Black Boy D
Black Boy D 10 kun oldin
Figures this would be the First Dunk of the video
DREAMTEAM MEDIA 10 kun oldin
#25 on raptors Issa poster child lol
Daynel Magan
Daynel Magan 10 kun oldin
Damn the hornets commentator is so hype
Daynel Magan
Daynel Magan 10 kun oldin
Damn the hornets commentator is so hype
Harvir Singh
Harvir Singh 10 kun oldin
Poor Wantanabe in the thumbnail
pimdubi du
pimdubi du 10 kun oldin
No Rudy Gobert here ? We found some jealous, ignorant people, on this channel
Kevin Budzisch
Kevin Budzisch 10 kun oldin
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Conservative American
Conservative American 10 kun oldin
“Anthony Edward’s (and others) highlight dunks so far of the 2020-2021 season” I fixed your title. Your welcome
Shut ur Throat
Shut ur Throat 10 kun oldin
Timberwolves in half these clips one way or another
Tyson Forbister
Tyson Forbister 10 kun oldin
Is this just Anthony Edwards highlight reel??😂😂
Jason Ash
Jason Ash 10 kun oldin
Gobert on Giannis is missing
Lenell Williams
Lenell Williams 10 kun oldin
Time out ! That first 1# 🤯🤯😵😵😵😱😱😱😱
chris matala
chris matala 10 kun oldin
If Edwards has the Hornets commentator that would be amazing😍🤩 to watch and ear... "Oh my goodness Anthony Edwards how do you doooooo 😍🎉😂💯"
Todd Hazel
Todd Hazel 10 kun oldin
Jermia is the wrost
Sunshine State Kingz
Sunshine State Kingz 10 kun oldin
3:00 got em
Ernesto Raymundo
Ernesto Raymundo 10 kun oldin
DR. J : I'm happy to see all my kids doing my stuffs..😆😅
Cristian Chavez
Cristian Chavez 10 kun oldin
I bet he ‘Watanabe’ in the NBA anymore..
Brian Deezy
Brian Deezy 10 kun oldin
Tom Chambers dunk king of all time
Petrus Voutilainen
Petrus Voutilainen 10 kun oldin
Why no one talking about the Miles Bridges dunk on Boucher? Disgusting
Mikel Sessions
Mikel Sessions 10 kun oldin
The John Collins poster over Jarrett Allen didn’t make the cut of a 20 minute video 🤔🤔🤔
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